Practical module​

Practical training
  • Group discussion USP 797
  • Group discussion USP 800
  • Properly Donning and Doffing PPE
  • First fresh air concept, Critical site and no touch technique
  • Cleaning and disinfection technique and frequency
  • Work according to USP797 and USP800
  • Appropriate handling and preparation
  • Daily, weekly and monthly tasks and documentation
  • Transportation (IN & OUT) and storage
  • Read and implement the organization policy and procedure
  • Workflow Overview and Practice
  • Selecting and handling needles, syringe, vials, ampules and fluids
  • Design a production manual (which include a required information to do your work)
  • Handle a simulation preparation from reading the label and collecting required material till final bag is checked
  • Quality assurance (media fill test, fingertip sampling, viable air sampling , non-viable air sampling, surface sampling…

This will be conducted on the trainee site of work and the final hands-on evaluation will be conducted at program approved site under supervision of qualified pharmacist.